Studio speakers for some serious music mixing

Any DJ, producer of singer can’t do anything without some good studio speakers. We all know how important good sound quality is when it comes to music. Whether you’re a DJ, producer or singer, having a great pair of studio speakers is essential to ensure that your music sounds its best. But with so many […]

How to Develop Viable Corporate Values That Will Inspire Employees

Well-written values make hiring easier, reduce employee turnover and engage people close in spirit to your business. However, the stereotyped approach to developing corporate values leads to people forgetting about them immediately after the interview, leaving only a couple of individuals in HR who know where the “Our Values” page is on the company website. […]

How to Become the Leader You Envision Without Sacrificing Your Values

The values you set as a leader aren’t just fodder for inspirational posters and new-hire pamphlets, and they certainly aren’t a branding tagline. Yet too many employees report a deep chasm between the ideals their leaders broadcast and their lived experiences in the workplace. In a 2020 survey of job seekers, 62% said their recent […]

How to Lead With Your Values, Regardless of Industry

What are your company’s most basic ethical and societal principles? If you can rattle them off without checking your website, well done. Even if you can’t, what matters far more is whether or not you are actually leading with them. But is that even possible to do all of the time? My experience has indicated […]