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Sutterby Church

Sutterby; a small hamlet lost in a fold of the Wolds just down the road from Langton-by-Spilsby and Harrington. What is there? Well, a small church, which is now vested in the Friends of Friendless Churches, a very overgrown churchyard and a handful of houses. But what used to be there? What is the landscape telling us about Sutterby's past? How old is the church? What secrets does the churchyard hold?  We know that barn owls live in the church gable, but what else shares this spot?

What we do know is that Sutterby is a deserted mediaeval village with the humps and bumps to prove it. We know that there are a lot of archival records holding key information to the village's past. We think that beneath the greenery there are fallen gravestones, waiting to reveal the families who once lived and worked in this spot. There are lichens waiting to be identified, natural history waiting to be recorded and old maps waiting to be explored.

Sutterby graveyard

Under the umbrella of the Down Your Wold project, we now have the funding to allow us to explore this village. We can research its past, record its present and help with its future.

A small project team has put together an initial plan. We now need interested people to join us and put the plan into action. There will be talks, events and workshops – perhaps you would like to hone your archive skills, peruse old maps, learn how to record a churchyard or discover a new beetle in the Sutterby undergrowth.

Whether you have five minutes or five hours to spare, we would be grateful for your contribution. We expect the project to run for 18 months. Some of the things, which we wish to research require fine weather, so don't worry that you would be expected to turn out in a gale with a theodolite.

Sutterby Chancel 

We hope to learn, we hope to explore, research and record and we also hope to enjoy our time in this simply beautiful piece of the Wolds. In fact, the peace of the Wolds is an integral part of this village's attraction.


 Sutterby Project Plan


Sutterby Churchyard and gravestone analysis

 Spirit of Sutterby Website


If you might be interested in being a part of this project, please feel free to contact Denise Wheatley on 01790 754079 spiritofsutterby@gmail.com

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